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PaperAtrsy and That’s crafty

Good morning everyone

Hope you all had a pleasant Easter despite the weather. Lots of hail stones today again but luckily im snuggled by the fire crafting. My mum has been up for Easter but has gone home now. Emma is having a week off with her children so i’ll be lonely this week however Mark is covering tomorrow.

This morning the delivery man brought us our first PaperArtsy and That’s crafty orders. We found both these suppliers at stitches this year and love their styles.

PaperArtsy is fabulous in design , great for cards and canvases. We love the robot designs for boys.

That’s crafty have a wide range of dinkie stencils which we will be using alot especially on the Mixed Media Mayhem. If you have’nt booked we have 4 tickets left.

Think i am going to do a canvas board today in a haedwood frame, something for the shop.

The new stock will be listed over the next 24 hours.


Keep in touch xx


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