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Dylusions ink sprays….so many possibilities

Dylusions ink sprays….so many possibilities

Good Morning,
I’ve been having great fun with the dylusions ink sprays! The only ink spray I had ever used was a white one, now I have some colours!

They create amazing backgrounds and after watching a few tutorials by Dyan on You Tube, I managed to create a few different looks. You can,
1. Use them neat to get really vibrant colours
2. Spray the white on your page first to get lovely pastel colour’s
3. Paint circles using the lid of the sprays
4. Stencil with them
5. Paint with them!
6. Write over the top, perfect for journaling or tags, card making etc.

I bet there’s more I’ve not yet discovered! I’m learning all the time. Here’s a few pictures to show you what I’ve done.

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