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A touch of upcycling

A touch of upcycling

We have bought this bureau as a little project to see if I’m still up to painting furniture,  I have been up cycling for around 8 years, before it became trendy. I undertook the advanced Annie Sloan painting course but I’m not sure how painting a plank of wood helps anyone and costs and awful lot of money but there you go ?

Anyway I digress, we picked this bureau up at auction but sadly in a bad way , no key and lots of stains…needed a lot of love.

I cleaned the bureau down with baby wipes,  lightly sanded the stains then chose my colourson of Americana decor chalky finish paint.

Using a chalk paint brush for the main body and a small flat brush around 1/2 inch for the smaller areas , I applied the first coat.

Once I completed the first coat I left it to dry overnight . I applied a second coat, ensuring all strokes were drip free then following the same drying process I applied a coat of wax with a soft cloth. I buffed the wax to a soft sheen.

The bureau is ready to use but full procurement will take around a week.

To complete I applied new drawer knobs ……I hope you like the finished piece.


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